1.Open-World Gameplay: GTA games are known for their expansive open-world environments that allow players to explore vast cities and landscapes.

2.Crime-Centric Storylines: The series often features protagonists involved in criminal activities such as robbery, car theft, and organized crime.

3.Multiple Installments: The GTA series has multiple mainline titles, including GTA III, GTA Vice City, GTA San Andreas, GTA IV, and GTA V, among others.

4.Diverse Settings: Each game is set in a fictional location inspired by real-world cities, such as Liberty City (New York City), Vice City (Miami), and Los Santos (Los Angeles).

5.Nonlinear Gameplay: Players have the freedom to engage in various activities, missions, and side quests, making it a nonlinear gaming experience.

6.Variety of Vehicles: GTA games offer a wide range of vehicles, from cars and motorcycles to planes, boats, and even tanks.

7.Satirical and Humorous: The series is known for its satirical take on various aspects of modern society, politics, and pop culture, often employing humor and parody.

8.Multiplayer Modes: Many GTA titles feature multiplayer modes, such as GTA Online, allowing players to engage in online activities and missions with friends.

9.Radio Stations: Each game includes an extensive selection of in-game radio stations with a diverse range of music, talk shows, and advertisements.

10.Controversy and Criticism: GTA games have faced controversy over their mature content, but they have also received critical acclaim for their storytelling, world-building, and gameplay mechanics.