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Best GPS Trackers for Kids – Reliable & Safe Choices

In my years as a technology journalist, I’ve come across various gadgets designed to offer parents peace of mind. Among these, the best GPS trackers for kids stand out as practical devices that ensure the safety of children in 2024. Whether they’re on their way to school or out playing with friends, these trackers prove instrumental in providing prompt location updates, thereby playing a pivotal role in kid safety.

Key features like real-time tracking, durability, and user-friendly designs are just some factors that contribute to making a GPS tracker the best kids GPS tracker. Top brands like AngelSense, TickTalk 4, Gabb Watch 3, Apple AirTag, Apple watch and Jiobit have continuously managed to make their mark in the market with their innovative and reliable tracking devices for kids.

Key Takeaways

  • GPS Tracker Brands: Notable brands such as AngelSense, TickTalk 4, Gabb Watch 3, Apple AirTag,Apple watch  and Jiobit lead the line in offering reliable GPS tracking devices for kids.
  • Device Durability: Durability is an important aspect, as kids’ trackers should be able to withstand rough use.
  • Real-Time Tracking: Trackers offering real-time location updates provide urgent response during emergencies, assuring top security for kids in 2024.
  • User-Friendly: Navigable and simple designs attract more users as they are easy for both parents and kids to use.
  • Peace of Mind: These GPS trackers equip parents with the ability to monitor their child’s location, offering reassurance about their safety.

Understanding the Importance of GPS Trackers for Your Child’s Safety

As a parent and technology journalist, I’ve come to appreciate the immense peace of mind that comes with having a reliable GPS tracking device for your kids. In today’s rapidly dynamic world, these intuitive devices enable parents to face the challenges of parenting with greater confidence.

We all acknowledge that kids’ safety is of paramount importance, which makes these technological devices a necessity in the contemporary parenting toolkit. GPS trackers for kids are designed to provide real-time location tracking, a key feature for parents to stay informed about their child’s whereabouts and ensure their safety.

Looking at options like the AngelSense GPS tracker, we discover robust tracking features like a SOS button, two-way talk function, and detailed location updates every 10 seconds. These features don’t just cater to children with special needs but are universally beneficial for every parent in keeping their children safe.

What’s more, these devices are modified to endure children’s usual playing habits. They’re usually designed to be water-resistant, comfortable, and hard-wearing – implying these are devices your child can use routinely without any concerns about damage.

Tracking Features Description
Real-Time Tracking Provides parents with the exact location of their child.
SOS Button Allows your child to instantly alert you in case of any emergency.
Two-Way Talk Serves as a secure line of communication between you and your child.

To summarize, kids’ smartwatches with GPS tracking capabilities provide a level of assurance that was previously unavailable to parents. They are instrumental in child safety management for the contemporary parent, assisting you in balancing safety while promoting your child to explore and learn independently.

How to Choose the Right GPS Tracker for Your Child

With a myriad of GPS trackers for kids in the market, finding the best one can be overwhelming. Considerations like real-time GPS tracking capabilities, durability, device features, and user-friendliness are vital. Here, we delve into two main aspects that should be regarded: real-time tracking abilities and durability to reinforce the attributes of each device and guide parents towards choosing the most suitable GPS tracker for their child.

Assessing Real-Time Tracking Features

Real-time GPS tracking is one of the pivotal features a decent GPS device must have. The immediacy of information is crucial in circumstances where knowing your child’s location could make a difference. Children’s smartwatches, such as the TickTalk 4, represent optimal choices as they not only supply location updates but also harbor a geofencing feature. This capability alerts parents if their child ventures out of a designated safe zone.

Evaluating Durability for Kids’ Active Lifestyles

Kids often have an active, high-energy lifestyle punctuated with unpredictable moments. Consequently, their GPS trackers need to be durable for everything from a sudden downpour to rough-and-tumble play. A device such as the Gabb Watch 3 is well-equipped to handle this active lifestyle with its Gorilla Glass 3 screen and IP68 water resistance. Devices like these let parents breathe easy knowing that the device is keeping track of their little ones, enduring all the adventures along the way.

Best GPS Trackers for Kids: Comfort Meets Security

When it comes to securing our little ones, a perfect blend of comfort and security becomes a determining factor in choosing the most suitable tracker. With multiple offerings in the market, from GPS tracker watches to Bluetooth trackers, it can be overwhelming to navigate. Therefore, let’s focus on two key attributes – the device’s resilience to withstand the everyday adventures of kids and the design attractiveness that makes kids love wearing them.

Waterproof and Shock-Resistant Devices

In the rough and tumble world of kids, devices that are waterproof and shock-resistant tend to last longer. One such durable and robust device is the Jiobit Next. Known as one of the best wearable trackers for kids, its most significant selling point is its ability to endure those instances of unforeseen splashes and drops. Featuring an impressive battery lifespan and an advanced tracking setup, it is one of the best overall trackers available in the market.

Designs That Kids Love to Wear

In getting kids to wear these devices, fun and attractive design play a crucial role. The Lil Tracker Kid’s GPS Tracker Watch has mastered this blend of style and functionality. It features captivating interactive features and fits comfortably, which makes kids naturally inclined to keep it on. Indeed, when safety is aesthetically packaged in a tracker watch, kids are more than willing to keep these smartwatches on, offering parents some peace of mind.

Tracker Device Key Features Best For
Jiobit Next Waterproof, shock-resistant, long battery life, advanced tracking setup Durability and lasting performance
Lil Tracker Kids’ GPS Tracker Watch Comfortable fit, fun interactive features, GPS tracking Aesthetics and functionality

In summary, the choice of a tracker and device for kids does not stop at the ability to locate them. It extends to how these devices comfortably fit into their lifestyle, ensuring that safety doesn’t come at the expense of their need to explore.

GPS Smartwatches: Keeping Your Kid Connected and Secure

Our tech-forward world has led to a surge in the adoption of smart devices specifically designed for children. A smart watch for kids or a kids smartwatches combines tech and traits of regular watches, and packs it with safety features such as GPS tracking. It provides parents with the ability to monitor whereabouts and, in some cases, their kids’ physical activity. The Gabb Watch and the Gabb Watch 3 are among the leading smartwatches on the market today, loved for their blend of safety and smart features.

Smartwatch with GPS and Fitness Tracking

A smartwatch for kids essentially serves as a fitness tracker. Features such as step-count and activity trackers keep parents informed on how much physical activity their child has had. Sure, a simple fitness tracker can achieve this, but what sets a GPS smartwatch apart is its ability to combine these features with location tracking. The TickTalk 4, for instance, offers GPS location tracking, fitness tracking, and even has entertaining components like music and story streaming. It’s like having an interactive, informative companion on your kids’ wrist.

Parental Control Features for Peace of Mind

As parents, we want to encourage freedom in our children, but the worry can often overtake us. That’s why parental control features are crucial when choosing a smartwatch for your kids. Many smartwatches like Gabb Watch 3 come with built-in parental controls. These permits parents to limit certain smartwatch features during school hours or bedtime to prevent the device from distracting the child. Some watches also allow voice calls to parent-approved contacts, an effective safety measure that also fosters communication between you and your child.

GPS Trackers with Long Battery Life: Less Charging, More Peace of Mind

In the world of GPS trackers, one of the standout features that makes a significant difference is battery life. In the quest for children’s safety and parents’ peace of mind, a long-lasting battery becomes a key player. The less frequently a device needs charging, the longer it can operate uninterruptedly, ensuring unwavering protection for your children.

Delving deeper into the specifics, the Jiobit Next GPS tracker claims an impressive space with its superior battery life. This reliable gps watch can last up to seven days on a single charge. This long battery life eliminates the hassle of daily recharging and ensures that your tracking device is always ready to serve its purpose. In other words, Jiobit Next is a portable gps that reduces the need for less charging and significantly improves the user experience.

“The Jiobit Next is a symbol of safety-oriented innovation in the realm of GPS trackers. From its design to its battery life, every aspect resonates with the brand’s commitment to ensuring parents’ peace of mind.”

But the advantages of Jiobit don’t stop at battery life. Along with lasting for a solid week, the Jiobit Next comes with a reasonable monthly subscription, making it a cost-effective choice for families. Again, this adds another layer of convenience by making top-tier GPS tracking technology affordable without compromising on children’s safety.

In conclusion, when it comes to GPS trackers, battery life plays an essential role in the device’s overall performance and usability. Rechargeable devices like Jiobit Next that offer long battery life make an ideal choice for those seeking reliable child safety solutions.

Geo-Fencing: Advantages of Setting Safe Zones for Your Child

In an era where child safety is paramount, geo-fencing has emerged as a revolutionary technology that offers immense benefits to parents. Geo-fencing uses location trackers to create virtual barriers or ‘safe zones’ around chosen points of interest, such as a child’s school or home. This feature, designed specifically for kids, allows parents to receive real-time location tracking notifications the moment their child enters or leaves these predefined zones.

How Geo-Fence Alerts Keep Your Child Within Safe Boundaries

The essence of geo-fencing alerts is to keep kids within set boundaries. For instance, GPS devices like Jiobit can be programmed to alert parents when a child exits the safe zone. This feature adds an extra layer of security and peace of mind for parents, particularly those with young adventurers who may stray from designated areas.

Customizing Geo-Fence Settings for After-School Activities

One of the primary advantages of location trackers is the customizable geo-fence settings. Parents can set multiple safe zones for their kids, such as their school, after-school activity center, or a friend’s house. Consequently, they receive alerts when their child arrives or departs from these activities – providing real-time updates without constant check-ins.

Combined, these features demonstrate that geo-fencing, incorporated in many GPS devices, is more than just a safety feature: it uplifts parenting in a digitally heightened era.

Geo-Fencing Feature Brief Description
Safe Zone Alerts A real-time notification when the child enters or leaves a safe zone, helping parents keep track of their child’s movements.
Geo-Fence Customization Allows parents to set and alter the boundaries of safe zones based on their child’s routine.
Multiple Safe Zones Parents can create several safe zones for different locations such as home, school, friend’s house etc.
Child-Specific Design Geo-fencing is designed specifically for kids, focusing on their safety and the parent’s peace of mind.

Ease of Use: GPS Trackers Designed for Kids and Parents

Behind every top-notch gadget, there lies a user-friendly design. This is especially true for GPS trackers for kids in 2024. Recognizing the importance of simplicity and ease of accessibility, manufacturers prioritize ease of use when designing GPS trackers. This thoughtful design approach not only streamlines the process of equipping a child to use these devices but also makes maintaining their monitoring as straightforward as possible.

I’ve noticed a notable example in one of the most prominent trackers, the AngelSense GPS Tracker. Not only does this tracker offer an array of advanced safety features, but it’s also remarkably easy to use. With a simple interface and hassle-free setup process, it facilitates easy monitoring for parents. This ease of use extends to children as well, with intuitive controls that kids can quickly grasp.

GPS Tracker User Experience Accessibility for Kids
AngelSense GPS Tracker Simple setup, easy monitoring Intuitive controls, comfortable to wear
TickTalk 4 Easy pairing with smartphone, allows for quick setup Coloured touch screen, easy to navigate
Jiobit Next Live phone support, user-friendly app Compact size, attaching feature for easy use

Above all, these devices testimonies to the fact that sophisticated GPS tracking technologies can be simplified for everyday use without compromising their core functionality. By offering such _trackers that’s easy_ to use, manufacturers are ensuring that these valuable tools serve their purpose in a way that’s as convenient as it is effective.

Best GPS Trackers for Kids: Top Picks to Keep Your Little Ones Safe

Keeping the top kids in mind, I’ve chalked out my favorite GPS trackers that not only provide the highest level of security but also create an attractive, engaging experience for children. These trackers blend innovative features like GPS tracking, extended battery life, in-built games, and more to offer a comprehensive package.

Tracker Age Group Special Features
AngelSense GPS Tracker Kids with special needs Live tracking, 2-way voice, geofencing
Gabb Watch 3 All-Age kids Digital pet game, step counter, GPS tracking
Jiobit Next All-Ange kids Extended battery life, precise location tracking

The AngelSense GPS Tracker is a standout choice, particularly designed for kids with special needs. Its array of benefits such as live location updates, two-way voice, and safe zones make it a versatile tool for ensuring your child’s safety.

If you’re looking for something fun and engaging for your kid, the Gabb Watch 3 is a solid pick. The tracker offers a unique feature where a digital pet helps motivate kids to stay active. As the kids move around and hit their steps targets, they earn virtual coins to take care of their digital pet. This unique blend of safety and fun is why the Gabb Watch 3 is a perfect choice for kids between the ages.

Last but not least, the Jiobit Next is spectacular when it comes to maintaining a lasting battery life. It assures you of your child’s safety without the hassle of frequent charging. Additionally, its precise location tracking makes it a commendable choice.

Each of these trackers offer robust features that cater to diverse needs and preferences. They assure safety while also ensuring that the child feels encouraged to utilize them. Their interactive and engaging nature make them more than just a safety device, they are also a source of enjoyment for kids.

Cost-Effectiveness: Balancing Quality with Affordability

Securing the safety of our children is priceless. And in the world of GPS trackers for kids, higher price often suggests better quality. But, every wallet has its limits, and finding a device that provides a balance of functionality and affordability is critical. Below, I review how the Verizon Gizmo Watch, the AngelSense GPS, the SyncUp Kids Watch, and other popular choices fit into different budget constraints.

Comparing Monthly Fees and Initial Costs

When it comes to choosing the best overall GPS tracker for your kids’ safety, it’s important to consider both the initial costs and monthly fees. Some devices require a separate SIM card purchase, while others rely on a monthly subscription model. Let’s take a closer look at how these costs stack up for devices suitable for kids of different ages.

Device Initial Cost ($) Monthly Fee ($)
Verizon Gizmo Watch 180 10
AngelSense GPS 229 40
SyncUp Kids Watch 100 10
Jiobit Next 130 9
Gabb Watch 3 90 0

When Investing More Means Better Safety for Your Children

Though an affordable device can be tempting, I always remind parents to look for key safety features and ease of use over low cost alone. Premium devices like the AngelSense GPS and Verizon Gizmo Watch offer advanced capabilities such as continuous real-time tracking and two-way calling. Remember, investing in your child’s safety doesn’t necessarily abide by a tight budget. Sometimes, a little more expense is worth the invaluable peace of mind offered by these technologically advanced guardians.

Therefore, when selecting the best smartwatch for your child, make sure to consider both its cost-effectiveness and the value it offers in preserving your child’s safety.


In reaching a conclusion on the best GPS trackers for kids in 2024, I am reminded of the key considerations that every parent should keep in mind. These small devices, in their varying forms, have the power to provide both security and freedom, shaping an easier parenting experience in our increasingly complex world. The pivotal features to look for in these trackers are robust location tracking, emergency features like SOS buttons, resistance against water damage, and exceptional battery life.

Recap of Top Features in Kids’ GPS Trackers

Upon examining dynamic devices such as the AngelSense GPS Tracker, TickTalk 4, and Jiobit Next, parents can discern the range of features offered. Some emphasize advanced tracking, others prioritize communication options, and a few shine with remarkable affordability. The best part is that numerous options cater to different needs, providing a versatile selection to choose from. The journey towards identifying the right GPS tracker truly revolves around understanding the needs of the child and aligning them with the strengths of these devices.

Final Thoughts on Investing in Your Child’s Safety with GPS Technology

GPS technology has advanced a great deal, introducing us to resources that make parenting somewhat less intimidating. Investing in a GPS tracker for your child is essentially investing in their well-being and your peace of mind. It helps ensure that, regardless of your children’s location, you remain informed of their real-time activities. As parents, we constantly strive to create a safe universe for our children, and with these efficient trackers, we are one step closer to achieving that goal.


What are the top GPS trackers for kids?

AngelSense GPS Tracker, Gabb Watch 3, Apple AirTag, Jiobit Next, and TickTalk 4 are some of the most reliable GPS trackers for kids.

Why is real-time location tracking critical for child safety?

Real-time location tracking is crucial for immediate response in any emergency. It allows parents to monitor their children’s whereabouts consistently, ensuring their safety.

How do I choose the right GPS tracker for my child?

When choosing a GPS tracker, look for robust location tracking features and consider the durability of the device as kids often handle the devices roughly. Keep in mind the child’s preferences in terms of design and ease of use.

Can a GPS tracker be comfortable for my child?

Yes, many devices are designed to be comfortable as well as durable, ensuring that kids enjoy wearing them.

What additional features can a GPS smartwatch provide?

GPS smartwatches often include features such as step tracking, music streaming, parental controls, and voice calling. This allows for a blend of fun, fitness, and safety.

How important is battery life in a GPS tracker?

Battery life is extremely important as the longer it is, the less frequently the device needs charging, maintaining consistent safety measures.

What is geo-fencing, and how can it help keep my child safe?

Geo-fencing technology allows you to set safe zones for your child. You then receive alerts if your child enters or exits these areas, ensuring they stay within safe boundaries.

What should I look for in terms of ease-of-use in a GPS tracker?

Look for GPS trackers designed with an intuitive interface and simple controls. These ensure that children can use the device effectively, adding to the parents’ peace of mind.

Are GPS trackers expensive?

The cost of GPS trackers varies based on the features offered. You should compare these costs and determine which device provides the best value based on your child’s needs and lifestyle.

What features should a GPS tracker have for best safety?

The top features parents should seek in kids’ GPS trackers include robust location tracking, safety alerts such as SOS buttons, water resistance, and impactful battery life.

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